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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's A Girl!!!!!

For those who didn't hear, we found out we are having a girl!! We couldn't be happier. I say "we", but that does not include Reese. We came home from the doctor's appointment and told Reese he was getting a little sister. I revealed the news by handing him a pink "It's a girl" balloon...........he threw the balloon on the floor, covered his eyes, laid down on the floor, and kicked his legs. No one can say my kid doesn't know what he wants......or doesn't want. He's very intense. I have no idea where he gets that. ;)
I think the idea started to sink in after a week or two, and his disappointment has started to subside. I think he's liking the sound of "your little sister" more and more. He just found some of my old doll clothes in the garage and is currently putting them on his stuffed animals and talking to them. I think he'll do just fine being a big brother to a little girl. I've seen some evidence of a nurturing kid here and there. I can't wait to see him in the role of big brother. I can't wait to see John-Michael being a daddy to a little girl either. Should be interesting, kids. He needs a little girl to tame the drill sargent in him. Tee-hee.
Here is her little profile (at 20 weeks). The next one is the weird alien front view of her face.

This one is, of course, her little hiney and girl parts in plain view. She was very cooperative and had her legs spread wide open. (Insert joke here, John-Michael.)

Yay Disney!!!!!!!

In the middle of the week we went to Disney World. I still think it's magical at 32 years old. We spent 11 hours there and rode every ride we wanted to ride. It wasn't crowded at all since school had already started for most kids, so the lines weren't bad. They had all their Fall decorations out already.

His favorite ride was the Buzz Lightyear ride. He's in jail with Zurg.
John-Michael carried Reese on his shoulders out of the park, and here's a shot of them waiting for the shuttle to come get us. I think we successfully wore his butt out.
The next day we went to Hollywood Studios, which is another Disney park. Reese insisted on wearing his cape to the park (against my will) so that he could be "Super Mickey".
He got to meet several of the Playhouse Disney characters at lunch and give them big hugs. He gave JoJo the shaft and told her he didn't want her to sign his autograph book. I'm sure the person sweating in that costumes was thinking, "Bite me, brat." Haha.

Our bill for lunch was about $80, and suffice it to say it was about the quality of Luby's (Luby's has better Mac-n-cheese). Thank you Disney for bending us over in every possible way. :)
There was a "block party" with a bunch of the Pixar movie characters. They played music and had dancers everywhere, it was pretty cool.The Toy Story Mania ride was really cool. All the toys in there were huge, so it was like you were one of them.

St Augustine, FL

Little history lesson for you..........We took a day trip to St. Augustine, FL, which is the oldest city in the United States. We had to do the tourist thing and learn about the history, so we took a guided train tour of the city. Our first stop was the Fountain of Youth site. Ponce de Leon discovered our continent in 1813 on the very site that we stood. He named the entire continent Florida, which means "flower" in Spanish. He had heard rumors of a magical "Fountain of Youth" and, upon arriving, thought he had discovered it. There were people living there that were almost twice the size of a normal Spaniard, and they were living twice as long. This is why he thought this had to be the "Fountain of Youth" he had heard about. There were pretty gardens around the site that were full of lizards and peacocks. ???
Here's an old pirate ship that Reese thought was super cool.

We also toured an old fort there where they used to ward off invaders that came in by boat to try to take control of the land. John-Michael loves this crap. It was pretty interesting I have to admit.

So, here I am hot and a little sick and a lot tired and pregnant and having had all the history I needed for the day. :)

Trip to Florida

We took a much needed vacation to Florida the first week in September. We managed to dodge a couple hurricanes and had a really good trip. We stayed in Daytona the first part of the week and got to spend some time at the beach. Here's our little "merman" getting plenty of sand in his pants.
He got to hold two live Macaws while we were walking around a shopping area in Daytona.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Joys of Being a Stay-at-Home Mom

Reese and I were chatting yesterday about what he wants to be when he grows up, and instead of the usual answer like "A Spy" or "I know, I want to work at the cleaners!" ???? he said he thought he didn't want to be anything. I asked, "What do you mean you don't want to be anything? Like, you don't want to have a job at all." He said, "Yeah, I don't want to have a job. I don't want to do anything." My response was (using my good parenting skills, j/k), "If you don't have a job or anything, you might be kind of a loser, you know?" His clever response was, "So, you're a loser, Mommy? Cuz, you don't have a job, right?"

I thought about being offended, but I was too busy laughing and being impressed by his quick deductive reasoning.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Joining the masses

So, we've finally decided to join the masses and create our own Picard family blogspot. I love reading all about our friends' kiddos and all the funny stories and things going on in the lives of our friends that we don't always hear about.

PLUS, this will be a good way to keep track of baby-on-the-way progress. We're having a New Year's baby this time. My due date is set at Jan. 16, 2009, but since I will have a scheduled C-section, it will be a week or two prior to my due date. John-Michael of course would prefer Dec. 31st for the tax break. Yes, that was the first thing he said when he learned the due date.

I am about 15 weeks right now. We have about 5 more weeks until we find out the sex of the baby. It's killing me to see all the cute baby things everywhere and not buy anything. When asked if he wants it to be a boy or a girl, Reese says, "I really wants a brother, but I know it's a girl." He says it very matter-of-factly. I'm not sure if he's says it because he is expecting disappointment or because he is actually a psychic.